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This enormous effort without respite was apt to put her into a state no better than that of Trent.
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  • Aye, we've learned it doesn't pay to be prejudiced about race, your majesty.
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  • When he talked me into doing this, she waved her cigarette dt the binoculars, 'and I asked him why on earth he bothered, took these stupid risks, all he said was, That's the second lesson.
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    Supporting Shrinking Mommies Becoming Healthy Mommies!!!

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    She dimly began to perceive that tens of millions of years of genetic heritage had been unleashed within him, that every stage of evolution was fighting for control of him at the same time, long-abandoned forms-a multitude of possibilities-were struggling to reassert themselves as if his tissues were just so much putty.
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  • Welcome

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  • While he tied me, hands and feet, I waited for a moment when I might be able to grab the gun.
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    But she stopped, and turned her head back down to the little stove.
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    This website is the story of my weight loss journey (which is on-going).  I want to be accountable and also I want to help others who want to lose weight and be healthy - either a little or a lot of weight - it doesn't matter!

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  • So please be sure to check out the discussion board - I hope that the discussion board will become a support structure for all of us who need it or want it!  Also, if you would like to start your own blog on, please e-mail me and let me know so we can set one up for you to write about your progress and experience!

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    As fast as he finished them, he flung the shirts on a rack between him and Martin, who caught them up and backed them.
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    Once again, welcome and I hope this site proves useful to you and keeps me and everyone motivated in our pursuit to be shrinking mommies that are becoming healthy mommies!