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  • The weather service says they're getting three to four inches of snow an hour, and it's supposedly headed right up our way.
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  • In data of the past, I often find inspired nuggets to help place the here and now and my visions of the future into proper perspective.
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  • That left Fearless an advantage of barely a hundred and ten gees, little more than a kilometer per second squared and Sirius had a head start of just under fifteen minutes.
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  • Now the one time I really need help, you turn your back on me.
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  • That's a long time for a body, but if a soul's eternal, it's probably not too much to expect it to find its way home.
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    Supporting Shrinking Mommies Becoming Healthy Mommies!!!

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    This website is the story of my weight loss journey (which is on-going).  I want to be accountable and also I want to help others who want to lose weight and be healthy - either a little or a lot of weight - it doesn't matter!

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  • So please be sure to check out the discussion board - I hope that the discussion board will become a support structure for all of us who need it or want it!  Also, if you would like to start your own blog on, please e-mail me and let me know so we can set one up for you to write about your progress and experience!

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  • It was a wild place and there was no one around.

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  • Once again, welcome and I hope this site proves useful to you and keeps me and everyone motivated in our pursuit to be shrinking mommies that are becoming healthy mommies!